Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Two now pairs of black jeans.
The ones to the left are from Tiger of Sweden and the ones of the right are from Saint Tropez.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Okay, so I was asked to join Enstyle on Facebook a while ago.
It's really a lot like LookBook, only on facebook.
They actually started yesterday but I didn't get around to post about it.
This video is their promo video and one of my looks is actually in it!
You can find me profile here. Not many look yet but I'll keep them coming.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Minnie Mouse Bows.

As I told you guys earlier I had two new pair of shoes home with me from Austria.
And here they are!

  These beauties are what the title refers to. The red bows remind me of Minnie Mouse!
I saw then and thought 'They are coming home with me!'.
The bows can the taken off though so they are more jeans friendly and I also got some red laces for them.
As you can probably all see they are from Adidas. I actually got a pair like these already in (ones) white, peach and blue.
 The second pair are these simple black ones from Lacoste.
Had actually bought the others first, but found out that I needed a pair of shoes that were all black (will tell you the reason later) so these got to get a new home too.

Home sweet home!

The view from one of the top lifts.

 I had the slope aaaaaall to myself (or well the little dot at the bottom is my mom but still!)!
Luckily one of us got hurt (this year) but two days in a row somebody got picked up by a chopper.
 The moon on the last night.
I like how the picture is almost all black but you can still see the moon behind the tree.

This past week has gone by so fast! I wish it could have gone on just a little bit longer, but still I'm glad to be home.
We had car troubles both on the way there and on the way home (same thing both times!) so the fact that we had borrowed a car because we didn't think our own could make it all the way was a little pointless..

There was also a little time for some shopping and I brought not just one but two(!) pair of shoes home with me.
You'll get to see them later, I promise!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My bags are packed..

.. I'm ready to go!
Or well drive.. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Austria to go skiing or well snowboarding really.
My family (besides my brother who's staying at home) and some family friends are gonna share the same house has we shared last year.
Since there isn't any wireless in the house (as far as I recall) I probably wont be able to post anything next week.
So have a great weekend and week everybody, I'm sure I will!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All that glitters..

 These are my new babies!
Saw that Camille from C4G posted about these lovely shoes here a few days ago.
The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw was "I need shoes! Shoes need me!", so when I saw then in the store today I was thrilled (just ask my sis, I said "Yay!" rather loud..).
I've never really been much for ballerinas so these are perfect for when I need to dress up a bit in flats.
They are from H&M for 180 kr., and they are mine!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Frames and buttons.

Now I've finally gotten around to hanging up the frames with quotes.
They are hanging above my bed. I'm pretty pleased with the result and when I can bored with the quotes I can just switch them with some new ones.

I also got the buttons on the new cardigan replaced with some silver ones.
Hopefully I'll get around to show you guys an outfit post featuring the new stuff soon.

Delicious Lemon.

Tuesday was my mothers birthday, but she had to leave for Romania so we didn't get to celebrate her that much.
She got home again last night, so I had promised I'd make some cupcakes she could bring to work today.
So I made these lovely ones called Delicious Lemon Cupcakes. I haven't tasted them myself yet, but everyone else who've tried them say that they are indeed delicious.
I'll give you the recipe in Danish and can be found in English here.

Delicious Lemon Cupcakes 
25-30 stk. 

390 g mel
2 tsk. bagepulver
1 tsk. natron
½ tsk. Salt
225 g smør, blød
340 g sukker
2 tsk. vanilje ekstrakt
3 æg
226 g cream fraiche
2 tsk. citronskal
2 spsk. citronsaft

40 g smør, blødt
110 g flormelis
2 spsk citronsaft
¾ tsk vanilje ekstrakt
140 g flormelis
1 tsk citronskal
evt. lidt mælk

1.       Tænd ovnen på 180°C. I en mellem skål blandes mel, bagepulver, natron og salt.

2.       I en stor skål røres smør med en håndmixer i ca. 30 sek. Tilføj sukker, vanilje ekstrakt og citronsaft, røres til det godt blandet. Tilføj æggene, ét af gangen og rør efter hver tilføjelse. Tilføj skiftevis mel blandingen og cream fraiche. Vend citronskallen i.

3.       Fordel dejen i omkring 30 papirforme. Bag i forvarmet ovn i ca. 18-20 min. (eller til en træ tandstik kan stikkes i uden der hænger noget fast). Stil til afkøling på en rist og vendt til de er helt kolde før glasuren kommes på.
4.       I en mellem skål røres smør med den første del af flormelissen med en håndmixer. Tilføj citronsaft og vanilje ekstrakt. Tilføj gradvist resten af flormelissen. Hvis den er for tyk kan man tilføje 2 til 3 tsk. mælk. Vend citronskallen i.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011


These beauties just arrived in the mail!
They are smaller than what I thought they'd be, but I like them.
I was a little worried that they had been lost in the mail, but now they are finally here.
I'd show them to you on, but the pictures I took of my ear really wasn't that pretty.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As I told you guys earlier I was meting my sister for lunch and some shopping.
We went to Kafe Kys, this lovely little place at Strædet. We've been there a lot of times.
Afterward we went to a few stores. I got this cardigan from Global Femme which was on sale, a tee (almost as long as a dress) from Zara and a brush cleaner from MAC which I've been meaning to buy for a while.
Since I'm more of a silver person then gold I think I might replace the buttons on the cardigan.
Now all I need is a new pair of shoes and some black skinny jeans!

Black liner and old pics.

Simple eyes today, just with some black liner. The liner turned out a little thicker then I intended, but it's a new one from Nilens Jord and it's the first time I've tried it.
I'm meting my sister for lunch soon. And after we'll do some shopping.

A few days ago I told you that I had a lot of makeup pictures on my computer so I thought I'd show them to you guys.
One can see on the way the eyebrows look weather it's old or more resent. When I started doing my brow i wasn't really that good at it, but practice makes perfect!